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Secondhand Goods Rock

Initiated by the Mathematics Department, the ‘Secondhand Goods Rock’, a reward programme, was launched in 2009.

Students who have put in effort to learn, strive for improvement and achieve in Mathematics or have exhibited the school values and SEL (Socio-Emotional Learning) skills are rewarded with ‘Caveman’ dollars. These ‘Caveman’ dollars come in different denominations and can be exchanged for tokens (2nd hand goods) at the Maths Cavern once a term.

During the exchange sessions, students need to estimate and calculate the amount of ‘Caveman’ dollars required for the tokens of their choice. This activity not only provides the opportunity for ‘real-life’ learning but also helps bring meaning to Mathematics which students often take as just another subject which they learn in the classroom.

Through the programme, the department hopes to raise students’ confidence in Mathematics and motivate them to achieve.