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Mobile Learning@TVPS

In 2010, the Science Garden had undergone a revamp. Known as Mobile Learning@TVPS, it creates an authentic learning environment in the Science Eco Garden. Pupils go through an interactive trail, learning about the wonderful life of plants and animals. Pupils scan a 2D barcode which contains a web address (URL). The pupil can then act on the encoded information to visit a URL where more information can be retrieved. With the assistance of these ICT tools, learning becomes more interactive and engaging for our pupils.

The new Science Garden has a total of seven stations which incorporated new ideas such as the butterfly enclosure and paddy plants. The existing flora and fauna have also been reorganised using different aesthetics such as the use of tyres to grow plants. The highlight of the Science Garden is the Butterfly Enclosure. The enclosure houses various species of butterflies such as tawny coster, lime butterfly and leopard lacewing. Different host plants such as passiflora and willow and nectar plants such as Ixora are planted to allow the butterflies and caterpillars to feed and grow well. You will be able to see the different stages of the life cycle of a butterfly – egg, caterpillar, pupa, and butterfly in the enclosure. It is amazing to see how the butterfly emerges from its pupa casing (if you happen to be there!), caterpillars chomping on the leaves and butterfly flutters past by you!