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Uniformed Groups

Boys Brigade

We are first for Youth.
We provide fun, meaningful & challenging activities.
We are committed to serve the community.
We are served and led by Volunteers.
We are enterprising, in tune with our changing world.
We actively engage our stake holders.

To be the youth organisation of choice in TVPS

To nurture Youths in values
To lead and serve the school and the local community

Mr Bernard Ng (IC)
Mr Guo Ji Guang (IC)
Mr Ben Sng

Training Schedule
Thurs 2pm-4pm

Recent Achievements
JM Fraser Award Silver Honour Roll (2017)
BB Character Quest Bronze (2017)
BB Adventure Quest Bronze (2017)

Girls Brigade

Developing each girl and officer to her fullest potential by equipping, empowering and enabling them

Every Girl becoming a Leader. Every officer a Servant Leader

To enrich the girls in the physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of their lives through the weekly activities and the badge work.

In addition, The Girls' Brigade mission is to develop each girl and officer to her fullest potential be equipping, empowering and enabling every Girl to be a leader and every Officer, a servant-leader.

Mrs Pamela Chan (IC)
Mrs Maggie Tan (IC)
Ms Judy Song

Training Schedule
Thurs 2pm - 4pm

Recent Achievements
Low Guat Tin Challenge - Silver Award