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Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS)

Students from needy families can apply for financial assistance through the school. Singaporean families who meet the prevailing criteria will be placed on the MOE Financial Assistance Scheme for the duration of the academic year. Students who do not meet the MOE FAS criteria will be automatically considered for the school-based Financial Assistance Scheme funded by the School Advisory Committee (SAC) Fund.

Application forms for FAS for the following year can be obtained from the General Office around September-October period.


Help  Measures for Families Affected by COVID-19

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MOE Financial Assistance Scheme (MOE FAS)*

The MOE FAS seeks to help needy Singaporean families reduce their burden in meeting essential school expenses and ensures that no Singaporean child is denied an education due to financial reasons.

Eligibility Criteria for MOE FAS

a.      The family’s gross household income (GHI) does not exceed $2,500 per month; or

b.     The family’s per capita income (PCI) does not exceed $625 per month.

For families with GHI which exceeds $2,500, the PCI is computed by dividing the gross household income by the number of household members (e.g. the student, parents, unmarried siblings and grandparents of the child, as well as other dependents living in the same household).

Benefits under MOE FAS

School Fees

Not Applicable

Standard Miscellaneous Fee

Full waiver of $6.50 per month


Free textbooks

School attire

Free school attire including school shoes & socks

Transport (From 1 April 2015)

Students taking School Bus: 50% of school bus fares Students taking public transport:

$120 transport credit per annum*

Exam fee

75% waiver of National Examination Fees (100% waiver for students under MSF Public Assistance Scheme)

Meals in school

School breakfast & recess programme

Costs incurred for CCAs, school enrichment programmes and overseas immersions

Eligible for school subsidies

*If the FAS application is not approved from January, the transport credit will be pro- rated accordingly from the month of its approval to December of the same year.

School-Based Support For Needy Students

Students from needy families can apply for school assistance to meet their needs in other areas related to schooling and education (e.g. optical needs, school bus transport, etc.). Applications will be considered based on the student’s FAS status, household income and other circumstances. Students who wish to apply for additional support can obtain the application form from the General Office.