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Learning with ICT

ICT in learning promotes independent and self-directed learning among our students.

In line with MOE’s key priorities in ICT Standards, our students are given the opportunities to  acquire the following basic skills:

 ·      Operate computers and applications in ICT-enabled learning environment

·       Search for information and communicate over the Internet

·       Create a short document using a word processor

·       Represent tables of information in word processors and spreadsheets

·       Create a short presentation with multimedia elements

·       Collect data using ICT tools

Other ICT tools such as iPads are used within and outside curriculum time to activate students’ learning. Through the tasks designed by the teacher, students access different types of media such as text, videos, images and animations before being presented with an online quiz or class quiz. A widely used app such as Kahoot!  is used to gather information on prior knowledge on a topic or understanding of a topic. To promote thinking and discussion, students are given opportunities to analyse, evaluate and synthesise multiple types of information. Thinking tools such as mind maps are also used in the learning.

Besides acquiring the basic ICT skills, students are also educated on the appropriate use of ICT such as:

 ·      Using appropriate language, demonstrate mutual respect and observe etiquette in communication

·       Responding appropriately when encountering illegal or unsuitable materials on the Internet.

·       Be aware of and take precautionary steps against the dangers of cyber abuse.

·       Respecting intellectual property and complying with copyright laws and regulations.

·       Maintaining a balanced use of technology to avoid computer addiction

·       Verifying the credibility of information and that information is communicated accurately and responsibly