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Learning for Life (LLP): Visual Arts for Life @ Townsville

Our Visual Arts for Life @ Townsville focusing in the area of Visual Arts and Design was designated a MOE Learning for Life Programme (LLP) in 2016. Through our visual arts programme, our students will:
1. Acquire Art-making knowledge, language and skills;
2. Develop 21st century competencies such as "critical and inventive thinking skills" and "information and communication skills";
3. Better understand their national identity and foster an appreciation of their cultural heritage;
4. Mature socio-emotionally;
5. Develop a life-long enjoyment and appreciation of artistic works and performances; and exhibit values such as respect, responsibility and resilience.

Our students are guided through three progressive and developmental phases - Budding, Novice and Accomplished Artist. Students are given exposure through school-wide programmes to build up their art knowledge and skills through the Art Curriculum, Art Assembly Talks, School Based Art Competitions and our annual year-end Art Exhibition.

Our Novice and Accomplished Artists are given greater exposure when they participate in programmes that offer an in-depth experience in Visual Arts such as Art Club CCA, External Competitions, Art Enrichment programmes, Learning Journeys and the SYF Art Exhibition. The school has also set up an art gallery, the "Arte", within the school to showcase and celebrate our students' work.