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Social Studies

Vision & Mission

To better understand the interconnectedness in Singapore and the world we live in through inquiry and authentic learning experiences.


Commemoration of the NE Core events: 

- Total Defence Day 
- International Friendship Day 
- Racial Harmony Day 
- National Day 

In Townsville, all pupils are given an opportunity to understand the Singapore Story through specially designed Learning Experiences and the commemoration of core NE events. Students are also given the opportunity to bond with students of other races and backgrounds and to internalize the NE messages through life-skills activities such as NE show, NE camps and overseas cultural immersion programmes. 

Assessment for Student Development 
- Task Cards are created for Social Studies for all levels. 
- Rubrics are developed to assess pupils’ behaviour working in groups and content of each research. 

Learning with ICT 
- Using the Trail Shuttle app during P2 learning journey to AMK neighbourhood 
- Using ipad at the Townsville Heritage Gallery 

Doing research and presentation for SS projects