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Lifelong Readers . Confident Speakers . Effective Communicators 

Area of Focus 

Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing


Our school has adopted the STELLAR Programme for our English Language learning. STELLAR stands for Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading. It aims to develop the love for reading in children and also to help them to build a strong foundation in the English Language.

Each STELLAR unit includes the development of

  • The four language skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
  • Social Skills: oral interaction, turn taking
  • Independent learning: reading, writing, working at learning centres


STELLAR will help to encourage the learning of English Language through vocabulary learned in books and expression of thoughts in oral and written forms. It is further enriched through class discussions and informal peer interaction.




1. To create awareness of the different sounds and sound patterns of the English language and how they are necessary for proper speech.

2. To introduce participants to the basics of acting and stage productions, creating in the process an appreciation for the performance arts.

3. To bring participants to a level of linguistic competence that allows them to use English intelligibly and fluently .

4. To provide pupils exposure to various text types such as poems, fables, short stories, plays and choral pieces.

5. To encourage confidence through literature and the collaborative nature of theatre.

Expected Programme Outcome 

• Prepare each pupil to put up a short performance based on the selected STELLAR text at the end of the programme

How it supports the EL department:

• Children showcase their linguistic skills to an audience.

• It ties in with the primary school EL syllabus in Speaking and Representing, where speaking with accurate pronunciation and appropriate intonation is concerned.


The Team

Ms Rachel Gayathri (HOD)
Ms Tseng Liao Alva (ST)
Ms Kalavathi Selvarajulu (ST)
Mrs Belinda Christian (LH)

Committee Members

Mrs Covas-Siti Wazirah
Mrs Usha Surendran (YH)
Mrs Foong Ping Keow
Ms Koh Shiew Ling
Mrs Angeles Kee
Miss Priscilla Carmel
Ms Susan Chng
Mrs Grace Seah
Mdm Hafizah Bte Ismadi
Mr Bernard Ng
Mrs Clarissa Ng
Ms Christine Choya
Miss Ong Hui Min Felicia
Mrs Premila Onyekachi (YH)
Ms Nur Shameem (SH ICT)
Mrs Belinda Christian
Mdm Suzana Su’ah (SH)
Ms Judy Song
Mrs Josephine Tan (AED)