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Character & Citizenship Education (CCE)

At Townsville Primary, we believe that values are both caught and taught. The Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) committee puts in place structures, processes and programmes to inculcate and build competencies in our pupils so that they become persons of good character and useful citizens of Singapore.

The total CCE experience includes the academic programmes, CCA, CCE lessons, discipline, practices and student leadership and all other activities that mould a Townsvillite into a person with values and strength of character.

The CCE committee operates through four main wings:

1. Character Development 
To inculcate the school values within our pupils and equip them with essential social-emotional competencies via the following: 
    • Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP)
    • CCE lessons
    • Assembly programmes
    • Sexuality Education lessons
    • Education and Career Guidance
    • Cyber Wellness
    • School –based values inculcation programmes
    • Values-in-action (VIA) activities
2. National Education (NE)
To instil in pupils a sense of identity, cultivate the instinct for survival as a nation and instil in our pupils confidence in our nation’s future. It also emphasises on cultivating a sense of belonging and emotional rootedness to Singapore.

The 4 NE events, Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and National Day, are commemorated by customising NE-focused lessons that are integrated into the Social Studies and CCE lessons. In addition, National Education is pervasively implemented through field-based learning activities.

3. Student Leadership Development 
To develop pupils’ leadership potential, dispositions and values through the LiT (Leaders In Townsville) programme. 

4. Pastoral Care 
Looks into the holistic pupil welfare support primarily in the area of psychological and emotional health, financial support and learning needs of our pupils.

The Team

Mdm Suzana Su’ah (SH/CCE)
Mrs Usha Surendran (YH - P1&2)
Mrs Debbie Lau (YH - P3 & P4)
Mrs Premila Onyekachi (YH - P5 & P6)
Mdm Masliza (AYH - P1 & P2)
Mrs Polly Chin (AYH - P3 & P4)
Mrs Latha Joseph (ST/TL)- ECG  
Ms Christine Choy - Sexuality Ed Coordinator
Mr Choo Onn, Joe - Cyberwellness
Mrs Karen Anne Silva - Values Ed
Mr Quek Kuan Hiong Benjamin - NE
Miss Siti Wazirah - FTGP
Mdm Chan Fei Kuan - CCE & P5 VIA 
Mdm Ong Jia Ling- ECHA Awards Prep IC & CCE Resources (including NE) 
Mr Bernard Ng- Road Safety Ambassador & NE 
Mr M Nachiappan - NE
Miss Priscilla Carmel - Social Studies
Miss Koh Shiew Ling - ECG
Mrs Nge Yuen Ee - VIA
Ms Koh Wee Cheng Valarie- Values Ed
Mr Guo Jiguang - VIA
Mr Ben Sng- Values Ed
Ms Susan Chng- FTGP & NE
Ms Goh Siew Kee
Mr Ong Yew Chong (AED/LBS)
Ms Emily Poh (AED/C)