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Principal's Message

The world we are living in has become more complex. We are surrounded by many things that are designed to get our attention. This said, who then has absolute control over attention? 

If we slow down and begin to think about this, we will also begin to notice that we have the capacity and the capability to manage what we attend to. The problem is that we do not make a conscious effort to ensure that this is done. We have forgotten what it means to focus. 

There is compelling evidence from psychology, cognitive science, and neuroscience which suggests that when students and adults multi-task, especially when we are doing our work, our learning is compromised. Meaning, we understand and remember less and this affects the way we can transfer our learning to new situations. Take for example a study done by the University of Michigan’s professor, David Meyer. David’s study showed that under most conditions, the brain is not able to do two complex tasks at the same time. So what can we do to work at giving our full attention to our learning? 

One of the ways that experts propose is to learn self-discipline. As a start, we can all discipline ourselves to pay attention to what is happening around us. For example; learning to look at the person we are talking to, learning to listen closely to what that person is saying to us, asking relevant questions to better understand what is being communicated to us. 

By paying attention to the people who are around us, we are all putting into practice our Townsville CARE Principles – We take good care of ourselves. We take good care of one another. We take good care of our school. We take good care of our community – Let us pay attention to our friends, family members, colleagues and people in our community. 

Every journey begins with a first step. We are in absolute control of the steps and the attention we give to people we care about. 

Thank You. 

Mr Victor Tan 

Principal, Townsville Primary School