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Student Development


A realm of exuberant individuals ready to take on the ever changing world.

Area of Focus

To nurture our students to become People of Character:

  • Equipped with life skills
  • Respected by peers
  • With a sense of responsibility to family, school, community and nation
  • Held in high regard by teachers, parents and the community
  • To foster an atmosphere of friendship, pride and acceptance of individuality


1. Values In Actions
Our Values in Action programme is designed with the intent to nurture our students to be socially responsible and to help them understand that everyone has a role in enhancing the well-being of the community and the country.

These are the learning outcomes of VIA:

  • Engaging students in service that meet real community needs
  • Identifying learning outcomes to link the students’ service experiences to the school curriculum
  • Preparing students mentally and physically for the service tasks
  • Providing a structured process for students reflections
Grounded on the value ‘Compassion’, students of Townsville are given opportunities to reach out to their community and the country through various platforms:
Within School
  • P1 & P2: Showing care for oneself / Showing care for family / Showing care for the classroom / Clean and Green Day
  • P3: Brighter Singapore - Our Homeland 2065 with Lighted Cubes / Lions Club Walkathon – Donation Cards / Recess Integration with Pathlight / Clean and Green Day
  • P4: Brighter Singapore - Our Homeland 2065 with Lighted Cubes / Lions Club Walkathon – Donation Cards / Teck Ghee AAC (Active Ageing Committee) / SANA / Clean and Green
  • Day P5: Lions Club Walkathon – Donation Cards / National Anthem Project / Clean and Green Day
  • P6: Community Songs related to TDD / Lions Club Walkathon – Donation Cards / Befriending the Elderly / Clean and Green Day

Out-of School
Scouts’ Jobs Week, Girl’s & Boy’s Brigade Walkathon Event

2. Form Teacher Guidance Period

As form teachers play a central role in shaping the development of their young charges, the Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP) has been introduced in Townsville Primary School since 2012. The allocated one period per week carves out time for Form Teachers to have more quality teacher-student interaction and help strengthen their social and emotional competencies.

3. Character and Citizenship Education lessons (CCE)
From 2014, CCE lessons (formerly known as CME, Civic and Moral Education) are conducted in Mother Tongue (MT) languages by MT teachers across Primary 1 and Primary 6 classes. These lessons aim to teach values through stories and activities. CCE (MT) lessons also incorporate components of civic literacy, global awareness and cross cultural skills to help pupils form meaningful connections with people in a respectful manner and apply values learnt in a responsible way. For pupils who are offered the non-Tamil Indian Languages (NTIL) as their Mother Tongue and for those who are exempted from taking MTL, CCE lessons will be taught in English. Resources and materials are also available in English for this group of pupils.

4. Education and Career Guidance lessonss

ECG lessons for Primary 3 to 6 levels have been part of the Form Teacher Guidance Period package since 2012. These lessons and interaction activities are designed to:

  • raise students’ awareness of their strengths and interests
  • help them plan their educational pathway and select their choice secondary school
  • provide more opportunities to explore different careers and nurture their aspirations for the future

5. Leadership Development – Leaders in Townsville (LiT) Programme
At the heart of the LiT programme is the philosophy that every child is a leader. They should be given opportunities to develop their leadership potential as far as they can go. At the same time, they should be anchored in values to be able to exercise effective leadership. Hence, to develop this leadership in them, we initiated a school wide approach, Leader in Me , adapted from Stephen Covey’ s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

The Leader in Me teaches 21st Century Competencies skills to students and creates a culture of student empowerment so as to develop their leadership capability. Once the child achieves the Leader in Me, we will groom them to be a leader in class (class appointments), school (Junior and Senior Councillors, CCA Leaders) and even being a school ambassador (Student EXCO Team), and provide valuable service back to our society.


Mrs Usha Surendran (HOD/CCE)
Mrs Premila Onyekachi (SH/Student Leadership)
Mrs Madhavi Chandramohan (SH/TL& ML)
Mrs Nge Yuen Yee (SEL Coordinator)
Miss Shen Yan (CME Coordinator)
Mrs Gayathry Guru (Sexuality Education Coordinator)
Mrs Polly Chin
Mdm Masliza
Mr Choo Onn, Joe
Mrs Karen Anne Silva
Mr Herman Hassan
Mdm Cheong Lee Chin
Miss Siti Wazirah
Mdm Oh Ah Yock
Ms Yeo Lak Hua
Mdm Chan Fei Kuan