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Tamil Language


To establish Townsville as an institution renowned for her proficiency in the MOTHER-TONGUE Language.

Area of Focus

Students to develop:

  • Good listening skills
  • Good oral skills
  • Good reading skills
  • Good writing skills

With these skills, students are able to maintain a high standard in the daily usage of the Mother Tongue


Key Programmes/Initiatives

2015 MT curriculum

  • Development of the 4 basic language skills remain important. However, greater emphasis has been put on spoken and written interaction skills;
  • Greater focus on authentic activities to better engage students and develop their communication skills;
  • Continue to expose students to culture and values through MTL Learning.
  • Story character set in real-life situation that students can relate to, so as to better engage students in their learning of MTL; and
  • Greater use of ICT e.g. videos, animations, digital interactive games etc.

Course Framework

Mother Tongue Fortnight & Cultural Camp

  • The Mother Tongue Fortnight is held every year with the objectives of providing opportunities for students to learn and strengthen their mother tongue language and appreciate their culture through hands on tasks (e.g Malay students are exposed to wayang kulit (Shadow Play). For Tamil, students are engaged in activities to help them build on the spoken form of their language & Chinese students had experiences in paper cuttings, brush painting..etc)
  • The Cultural Camp is held annually to further enhance and enrich students’ learning in the language. (e.g For Chinese, the students learn about traditional food such as Tang Yuan ..etc)


Key Programmes & Initiatives

• Language and Cultural Programmes

– Mother Tongue Fortnight

– Cultural Camp

– Motivational Talk

– Tamil Language Camp

– Competitions

– Learning Journey

• Learning Support Programmes

– 10’T Sigaram – Project S.I.T (Speak in Tamil)

– Intensive Reading Programme – ‘I Can Do it’

1. 10’T Sigaram
It is a collaboration with MOE’s ETD P2 students will embark on this programme. It is to help the students to improve on their reading skills.

2. Project S.I.T. (Speak In Tamil) Spoken skill is one of the key skills for students. Students are expected to speak fluently in spoken Tamil. Students who are having difficulty speaking in Tamil Language are encouraged to attend this programme. Teachers guide students in spoken skills with the help of pictures, open topics and video clips.

3. Intensive Reading Programme The objective of the programme is to improve students’ reading skills. Students of all levels gather every Thursday morning from 7.00-7.15am (15 mins) to be engaged in activities regarding reading.

4. ‘I Can Do It’ This programme is carried out every Friday from 7.00 a.m. to 7.15 a.m. It is for students who are have difficulty reading in Tamil. Teachers teach these students how to simplify words and phrases. Students will be taught to read simple Tamil story books.


The Team

Mrs Madhavi Chandramohan (SH TL/ML)

Primary 1 & 2
Mrs Gayathry Guru
Ms Safeenah Banu

Primary 3 & 6
Mrs Sukumaran (ST)
Mrs Latha Joseph (ST)