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School Service Providers

  1. Visitors
  2. All visitors must report at the security counter and state their purpose of visit.
    They must display the Visitor’s Pass issued by the security officer when in the school premises, and return the Pass before exiting the school compound.
    •  Parents are advised to make an appointment before coming into the school to meet their child’s teacher or any of the staff. 
    •  Parents who need to pick up their children during curriculum hours must report at the General Office to sign out their children.

  3. Driving into the school compound 
  4. We request all parents and guardians to comply with the traffic directions given by our school staff and security guards. Motorists are reminded to drive carefully at all times within the school compound. The speed limit along Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 is 40km/h from 0600-0730hrs and 1200-1430 hrs. Drivers are advised to observe the speed limit and drive safely along this road just outside the school. 
    • During wet weather, parents are allowed to drive into the school and drop off their children at the school porch via the main entrance. At all other times, parents are encouraged to drop their children off at the rear gate. 
    • Should you need to pick up your child after school dismissal, please drive in only after the school buses have exited the school compound. 
    • As there are limited parking facilities in the school, parents who need to meet their child’s teachers are advised to park their vehicles at the HDB carpark adjacent to the school (opposite Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 Blocks 403 and 405).

  5. Walking to school
  6. Students walking to school are to take safety precautions and observe traffic rules, such as using the pedestrian crossing where possible. For those entering via the school’s rear gate, parents are advised to accompany their children when walking through the HDB carpark.

  7. Observing safety precautions at all times
  8. Parents are urged to remind their children to take note of the following safety guidelines:
    a) No running (except at designated areas such as Parade Square and Field)
    b) During lesson-time, students are to go to the toilets in pairs
    c) Dismissal for students taking school bus transport – Students are to line up at the designated areas before boarding the school bus at the front porch