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Our Crest

School Motto
Do Our Best

School Mascot
Dolphin. Symbolises affection, agility, strength and intelligence.

School Badge
The school crest is triangular in shape. The triangle, geometrically, the most stable of all shapes, symbolises stability and steadfastness. The school logo, consisting of the letters T.P (Townsville Primary), is white in colour. It symbolises the innocence and purity of young untarnished minds. It rests in the centre of the inner royal blue triangle.

The motto 'Do Our Best', is placed above the logo and the name of the school below it, on the base of the triangle, reinforcing the school's strong determination to mould and shape each student according to individual needs, capabilities and changing trends.

School Flag
The flag consists of two colours; crimson & royal blue.
The two colours are joined by a diagonal line sloping downwards from left to right.

This diagonal, dividing the flag into two equal portions signifies the equality of students who are given equal opportunity in education.

The upper half of the flag is crimson in colour.
This fiery hue is the vibrant symbolism of the fire of youth seeking to surge forward to attain new heights.

The lower half is of royal blue.
Each student is akin to a rough, uncut gemstone. The blue symbolises a serene and conducive atmosphere wherein each facet of the student is cut and polished until perfection is attained.

The school logo is placed in the very centre of the flag, thus embodying the symbolism of the diagonal lines and the two colours.