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Science Inquiry Based Learning

Overview & Objectives

We want our students to be curious about what they see and observe around them and to be able to make meaning and draw conclusions about these observations in a scientific way. To achieve this, the Science department has adopted an inquiry-based approach to customise the Science programme.

In an inquiry-based lesson, we see students trying to understand the world around them. They ask questions, collect data and use them as evidence to communicate explanations and connect these to the world around them. Technology is an integral part of Science learning in Townsville. Here we highlight the use of dataloggers in science lessons and mobile learning.

Use of dataloggers
The school uses hand-held data loggers in Science lessons as data gathered during the lessons can be presented in various visual modes for students to interpret and present their findings. Using data loggers also allows for students to work in smaller groups, hence increasing student engagement during lessons.