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Student Management


A realm of exuberant individuals ready to take on the ever changing world.

Area of Focus

  • Provide a safe and supportive learning environment that respects and values the rights of all students to learn and the rights of all teachers to teach.
  • Guide students towards developing behaviour that is self-controlled.


The school has adopted a holistic, positive approach to discipline which encompasses pro-active and corrective measures. Pro-active measures include fostering a positive school environment with support for students’ holistic needs, inculcation of values and social-emotional skills, opportunities for demonstration of good behaviour and positive reinforcement of good behaviour.
A Students’ Creed which states the expected behaviour of our students is used to help our students keep check of their behaviour.

Townsville Appreciates
As part of the school’s effort to give mass recognition to Townsvillites who have displayed desirable behavior, Townsville Appreciates was introduced in 2011. Good deeds and efforts are made known to others during our pre-assembly every Monday to encourage and motivate students to demonstrate school values.

Class Point System
To substantiate the importance of self-discipline, Class Point System is also put in place as a whole-school approach to enforce individual and class responsibility towards achieving progress and establishing a safe, stimulating and productive environment for all. The Class of Character Award is another reinforcement to recognize classes who have shown a strong sense of class spirit and unity while upholding the Students’ Creed.

Safety Talks
Safety Talks such as Road / Water / Fire Safety & Crime Prevention Talks are also lined up in the year as part of the school effort to address safety issues and ensure that students are able to be responsible for own behavior in and outside school.


Mrs Usha Surendran (HOD)
Mdm Norlizan (SH/Student Welfare & Discipline)
Mrs Premila Onyekachi (SH/Student Leadership)
Mr Mohd Ridwan (OM)
Miss Nicolette Yap
Miss Masliza
Mr Herman
Mdm Cheong Lee Chin
Mr Phua Jianping, Matthew
Mrs Grace Seah