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National Education & Social Studies

Vision & Mission

A realm of exuberant individuals ready to take on the ever changing world.

Area of Focus

  • To create a stimulating learning environment for students to acquire core knowledge & understanding of Singapore’s history and geography
  • To instill in students a sense of identity, pride & love for the nation


  1. Total Defence Day
  2. International Friendship Day
  3. P5 NE Show
  4. Racial Harmony Day
  5. National Day Observance

The NE messages are incorporated across all subjects. To achieve our objectives, the department has developed a framework which is aligned to the Head, Heart & Hands framework developed by the MOE.

In Townsville, all students are given an opportunity to understand Singapore Story and get acquainted with things through specially designed Learning Journeys and the commemoration of core NE events.

Students are also given the opportunity to bond with students of other races and backgrounds and to internalize the NE messages through life-skills activities such as camps and overseas cultural immersion programmes.


Mrs Usha Surendran (HOD)
Mdm Suzana Su’ah (SH/National Education)
Miss Norlela
Mr M Nachiappan
Mdm Hii Kiong Hui
Miss Priscilla Carmel
Mr Kong Chee Meng
Mdm Peh Ah Lian